Topflight: Tesla Taxis

Landing in Amsterdam these days can net you a ride in one of the cars of tomorrow, right now.

Nederland, Amsterdam, Luchthaven Schiphol, 16 oktober 2014 Tesla taxis staan opgesteld op het dak van P15 bij de introductie van de electrische duurzame taxi. foto: Herman Wouters

Photo: Herman Wouters

The historic city of Amsterdam, born in the Middle Ages and rooted in history, is celebrating the future: As of last week, Schiphol Airport sports the largest fleet of electric taxis in the world, with 167 Tesla taxis on duty and ready to roll.

The Tesla Model S is a wonder of engineering. Designed from the ground up to be an all-electric vehicle, the automobile is almost more like a drivable computer. The car’s electronics control everything from a 17-inch touch-screen (a portion of which was reportedly designed by the same company that produces display technology for Apple’s iPhone 6), so that updates can be continuously updated.

“We joined this project to contribute to a cleaner, better environment,” said Gamis el Bouakili, GM of SchipholTaxi. “We were looking for a vehicle that was sustainable, zero-emission, but also suitable for taxi transport. We found this Tesla Model S, a completely electric car, which is also suitable for individual passenger transport at Schiphol Airport.”

The Tesla Model S is also reported to be one of the safest cars in the world. According to the company, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration judged Tesla to be one of seven cars since 2011 that has received the agency’s highest rating in all safety categories. The automobile can run eight hours on its battery and, due to the placement of its engines close to the wheels, there is space in both the front and rear of the vehicle, so that passengers can load up on luggage. As an added plus, many of the electric cars are equipped with free 4G Wi-Fi.

“Schiphol wants to be one of the most sustainable airports in the world,” said Jos Nijhuis, CEO of Schiphol Group. “At Schiphol, high-quality transport and an environmental conscience go hand in hand. This represents a crucial step in our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and become one of the world’s most sustainable airports. Nowhere in the world will you see more electric taxis than at Schiphol.”

So, if you’re passing through Amsterdam, you can take a ride in one of Schiphol’s over 100 futuristic electric automobiles.