About SchipholTaxi

SchipholTaxi was founded in the 1930s. We have grown from a small taxi company with 1 car and 1 driver into a well-established taxi organisation that has around 500 vehicles and 600 drivers.

The deregulation of the law on passenger transport has led to a fall in the average quality of taxis. We have observed that there is a distinct need for simple and reliable transport at an affordable price. Therefore we also strive to deliver a high quality product. Our key values are: ease of use, quality and reliability in which we also aim for technical innovation.

At SchipholTaxi we put our customers first 

Individual passenger transport is the most expensive and exclusive form of passenger transport on the road and should also be treated this way. Through our continual interactions with different travellers we try to translate the requirements of these travellers into various benefits and attributes which represent added value for our customers.

SchipholTaxi wants to be the leading high-quality company for individual passenger transport in the Schiphol-Amsterdam region

SchipholTaxi strives to deliver a service that exceeds customers expectation. In general, people expect a Mercedes Benz, a taxi which arrives on time and a pleasant driver. SchipholTaxi believes that these are minimum requirements, hence we are willing to go the extra mile when it comes to personal service.