High quality taxis

Travel to and from Schiphol with the door-to-door service from SchipholTaxi. A good start to your holiday or business trip begins the moment you leave your home or office for Schiphol Airport. We will be pleased to provide this transport for you. All of our vehicles are 100% electric Tesla Model S, equipped with a tablet and free Wi-Fi. Our drivers are professional, focused on service and dress smartly in a suit.

You can reserve a transfer to or from national airports directly on this site. You can also request no-obligation information from our sales department about the various options for your travel requirements. Please feel free to contact us.



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To and from Schiphol

SchipholTaxi is the organization with the largest fleet 100% electric taxis (96 Tesla’s Model S) which has been appointed by Schiphol Airport to carry out rides from the official taxi stand.   

With its Tesla fleet, SchipholTaxi is truly unique in the world: at no other airport are there this many sustainable taxis to be found Continue

VIP and business travel

Would you like to have your business contacts or VIPs collected or taken back? SchipholTaxi has extremely presentable vehicles, professional drivers and a high level of service. You can choose from one of our 100% electric Tesla’s Model S, equipped with a tablet (the Cabtab) and free Wi-Fi. Naturally, our drivers dress smartly in a suit and focus on safely and discretely transferring your VIPs or board members. Continue